Cheap Wedding Food: How To Have Cheap Catering For Your Wedding

Cheap Wedding Food: How To Have Cheap Catering For Your Wedding

For many weddings the catering and food cost takes up a large part of the wedding budget. It can be so expensive that many couples search for some creative ideas to cut back on those costs.

If your one of those people looking for some interesting ideas, then your going to want to keep reading. I’m going to give you some ideas for food and ideas for cutting back on catering.

Buy Pre-made Finger Foods

You can buy finger foods that are already made at a place like costco. You could mix those finger foods in with some of your own. Stuff like crackers, salads, and fruits are all good ideas.

Have A Pig Roast

This is a good idea for anyone having an outdoor wedding. A pig roast is tasty and it can feed allot of people. You could add some finger foods and salads for variety. It’s possible to get salads all ready made at many grocery stores. All you need is someone to look after the roasting of the pig.

Have Desert Only

This is a great idea that is starting to catch on. Many couples are having nothing but deserts. Usually these receptions take place latter in the day. Often 8:00 pm or later. You can use your imagination for this one. Any type of desert will do.


An early mourning wedding can be allot more fun then what most people think. After the ceremony you and your guests can all have breakfast. Think about eating eggs, french toast, pancakes, waffles, and fruit.

Have A BBQ

A barbecue is one of the best ideas there is for cheap food and catering. However, somebody still has to do that cooking. Hopefully you know someone who can cook a great meal with a barbecue.