Top 4 Tips on how to get a Cheap Wedding Cake

Cheap Wedding Cakes- 3 Things You Can Do To Save On Your Wedding Cake

Cakes have been an important part of weddings for along time know. It’s unfortunate that a wedding cake has to cost so much money.

Let’s face it, wedding cakes are often wasted. Many of your guests will only take a few bites if any at all. This makes your expensive purchase seem even less valuable. So, what can a bride do save on her cake?

Here are 3 things that will help you save.

#1: Buy A Sheet Cake

Regular old sheet cake will taste just the same as a wedding cake. Some people will try to tell you other wise, but most cant tell the difference. The best thing about sheet cake is that it costs allot less money.

If you still want a normal tier wedding cake you can have one. Just have a small one made up or one made out of foam. Of course your guests won’t eat either one of those. They will be eating a piece of the sheet cake.

#2: Buy From The Grocery Store

Allot of grocery stores have bakeries. They will often make you a wedding cake for allot less then what you would pay for at a bakery. Of course they may not specialize in that sort of thing. But the only thing that really matters is if they can make you a simple wedding cake at a price you can afford. In most cases they will be able to do that.

#3: Avoid Cakes All Together

People like looking at wedding cake more then they do eating it. You might want to set up a nice desert table instead of having a cake. This could have loads of tasty treats that your guests will enjoy.